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Saw this videorobot from doublerobotics last year, we have tried it but it only work in very silent conditions. They have now made it with an external microphone and speaker. Could by fun to test again.


  • We have a couple of them here at the IT University and have also had issues with the very low volume. To fix that, we 3D printed a holder for a speaker that we fixed onto its pole. This really enhances the volume, but makes it less of a "plug-n-play" device.

    It is true that DoubleRobotics have admitted this flaw and released a directional microphone and external speaker, but I have yet to see any of them. DoubleRobotics are not the best communicators in the world and I am still waiting for a docking station, that should've been released last summer!

    In our few tests, people generally like communicating with the robot, once the initial amazement of speaking to a robot has died down. Also, it is very cool to have conversations with people through the interwebs and have a physical presence at the same time.

    If anyone would like to take "Robbie" for a spin, please let me know.
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